Dr. Julius Christopher Barsi
Assistant Scientist

Professor Nicholas Bates
Senior Scientist and Director of Research

Dr. Leocadio Blanco-Bercial
Associate Scientist

Chloe Carbonne, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Samantha de Putron
Associate Scientist, Assistant Director of University Programs, Senior Lecturer

Dr. Damian Grundle
Assistant Scientist

Dr. Eric Hochberg
Senior Scientist

Dr. Brett Jameson
Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Rod Johnson
Assistant Scientist

Dr. Amy Maas
Associate Scientist

Dr. Sheryl Murdock
Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Tim Noyes
Research Fellow

Dr. Andrew Peters
Associate Scientist, Director of University Programs

Dr. Yvonne Sawall
Assistant Scientist

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Craig Carlson
Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara

Dr. Stephen Giovannoni
Professor, Oregon State

Dr. Gretchen Goodbody-Gringley
Director of Research, Distinguished Scientist, Central Caribbean Marine Institute

Dr. Michael Lomas
Senior Research Scientist, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences

Christa Marandino
Assistant Professor, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel

Dr. Philippe Rouja
Principal Scientist, Department of Conservation Services

Dr. Samia Sarkis
Senior Marine Researcher, Department of Conservation Services

Dr. Robbie Smith
Curator, Museum of Natural History, Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo

Dr. Hans-Christian Steen-Larsen
Researcher, Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen

Dr. Deborah K. Steinberg
Professor, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Dr. Simon Ussher
Lecturer and PhD Supervisor, Plymouth University


Dr. Samantha de Putron
Associate Scientist, Assistant Director of University Programs, Senior Lecturer

Claire Fox
Science Education Officer

Alexandra Merkle
Science Education Coordinator

Kaitlin Noyes
Director of Education and Community Engagement

Dr. Andrew Peters
Associate Scientist, Director of University Programs

Audrey Pope
University Programs Internship Coordinator, Communications and Data Manager

Ship Operations

Captain George Gunther
Captain R/V Atlantic Explorer

Eric Hahn
Chief Engineer

Emmy Jarris
Chief Mate

Deborah Moran
Marine Operations Coordinator

Rory O'Connell
Oceanographic Technical Services Manager

Captain Patrick Redmond
Captain, R/V Atlantic Explorer

Lydia Sgouros
Marine Science Technician

Captain Rick Verlini
Port Captain

Administration and Operations

Jane Burrows
Accommodations and Catering Manager

Tracey Byron
Human Resources Generalist

Chris Flook
Small Boats and Docks Manager

Kyla Flook
Dive Safety Officer

Mark Guishard
Chief Operating Officer

Ruth Heron-Watts

Gillian Hollis
Assistant to the President & CEO and Secretary to the Board of Trustees

Kevin Hollis
Facilities Manager and Safety Officer

Malika Hughey
Accounting Assistant

Mukesh Kumar
Head Chef

Michael Lee
IT Manager

Terence Martinez
Laboratory Operations Manager

Charlene Millet
Kitchen Assistant

Victoria Millet, CPA
Treasurer and Controller

Jahlae Outerbridge
Financial Accountant

Helena Simoes

Antar Smith
Network and Systems Administrator

Kenny Trott
Bus/Truck Driver

LeeAnn Tuzo
Accounts Payable Clerk

Gregory Wade
General Maintenance

Kwe'Shon Woods-Hollis
Small Boats, Docks Supervisor

Advancement, Marketing, and Communications

Carolyn Drake
Development and Science Communications Officer

Tiffany Wardman
Marketing Communications

Khala Wolffe
Development Officer