Since modest beginnings as a seasonal field station in 1903, the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences has grown into an internationally recognized center for oceanic science, atmospheric research and environmental monitoring and mapping. By investing in top-tier resident scientists and robust infrastructureincluding R/V Atlantic Explorer, our UNOLS-compliant oceanographic research vessel—we stand as a fact-based voice in a crowded conversation around the state of our planet’s ocean and climate. 

Global partnerships and collaborations support our research programs across the different branches of oceanographybiological, chemical, physical and geologicalas well as our work across the related disciplines of environmental science, resource monitoring and conservation and risk prediction.


Our research spans the branches of oceanography—biological, chemical, physical, and geological—and includes work in the related disciplines of atmospheric and environmental science, resource monitoring and conservation, and risk prediction.



Recent investments in resources and infrastructure have transformed us into a state-of-the-art ocean science research facility. From well-equipped and recently renovated lab spaces to the 170' R/V Atlantic Explorer, we provide scientists with the tools required to conduct meaningful research.




ASU BIOS engages many partnerships that address pressing local and global environmental issues, such as monitoring the recovery of Bermuda’s seagrass beds, removing and managing invasive lionfish and controlling harmful marine microplastics. Throughout the year, we work alongside the Bermuda Government, local non-profit organizations and registered charities, visiting academic institutes and local schools, including Bermuda College.