Lucinda Derbyshire

Lucinda graduated from the University of Plymouth (UoP) in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (Hons). After working in the yachting industry and considering various career options, she returned to UoP and completed her Master of Science in Environmental Geochemistry in 2021.

Following graduation, she was employed as a biogeochemistry intern at Plymouth Marine Laboratory (England), where she worked on a yearlong project measuring isotopic carbon and nitrogen signatures of water samples obtained locally and from research cruises abroad. During this time, Lucinda also collected weekly samples from the Western Channel Observatory and worked on the Land Ocean Carbon Transfer (LOCATE) project.

At BIOS, Lucinda is a technician with the Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study (BATS) project, conducting analyses of seawater for particulate organic carbon and nitrogen (POCN), along with sediment trap sample processing from the BATS site. She is also part of the sea-going BATS team and participates in monthly cruises aboard R/V Atlantic Explorer.

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Lucinda Derbyshire

Research Technician