Rebecca May


Rebecca joined BIOS in September 2021 as a sea-going research technician working on the Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study (BATS). She began work at BIOS as a CHN (carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen) and sediment trap analyst, before taking on the position of nutrient analyst in April 2022. Her primary role involves taking part in monthly BATS research cruises onboard RV Atlantic Explorer and the subsequent analysis of nitrate, nitrite, phosphate and silicate in the samples collected. She also performs dissolved oxygen analysis and helps out with fieldwork for the Ocean Acidification project.

Prior to joining BIOS, Rebecca worked as a junior scientist at Plymouth Marine Laboratory (UK) taking part in a variety of short- and longer-term fieldwork efforts for projects including the Western Channel Observatory and Atlantic Meridional Transect oceanographic time-series; Land-Ocean Carbon Transfer (LOCATE); Ozone Surface Microlayer (O3-SML) and Changing Arctic Ocean Seafloor (ChAOS). Her work on these projects involved regular sea-going, sample collection and the use of titrators, surface tensiometers, gas chromatographs and flow cytometers to analyze samples for a range of biogeochemical parameters.

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Rebecca May

Marine Research Technician