Deborah Moran


Deborah is a familiar face around Bermuda's marine environment, having worked in or on the local waters for more than two decades. She earned her Captain's License in 1993 and has since obtained extensive experience captaining boats up to 45' around Bermuda's reefs, in addition to bluewater sailing experience that includes a TransAtlantic crossing from Europe to the Caribbean.

She first joined BIOS as the Dive Safety Officer & Small Boats Manager and, along with her border collie Jake, worked in this position for five years from 2002-2007. After leaving BIOS, Deborah worked for the Bermuda Department of Marine and Ports Services as a Marine Services Officer, during which time she also served as a dive inspector for the Bermuda Government. Most recently, she re-joined BIOS in December 2017 as the Marine Operations Coordinator, where she is responsible for coordinating the logistics of and providing support for the Marine Operations Department, which manages the 170-foot research vessel Atlantic Explorer.

Deborah is a PADI open water dive instructor and master instructor and holds Bermuda Class A, B, and C pilot's licenses.

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Deborah Moran

Marine Operations Coordinator