Claire Medley


Claire graduated from the University of Bath (England) in 2015 with an master's in chemistry for drug discovery, during which she spent a year working at a pharmaceutical company running High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) analysis. After graduating she began working in an aquarium and realized that she wanted to pursue a career in ocean science, which led her to studying for an master's in physical oceanography at Bangor University (Wales) in 2018.

She joined BIOS in August 2019, while still finishing my masters thesis, as a BATS technician, where her main responsibility is the analysis of seawater samples collected at the BATS site for phytoplankton pigments using HPLC. She also assists with measuring primary production rates using 14C and Liquid Scintillation Counter methodologies along with sediment trap sample processing. She is part of the sea-going BATS team and participates in monthly cruises on the R/V Atlantic Explorer.

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Claire Medley

Research Technician