Visiting Scientist Fee Schedule

Prices and policies are subject to change without notice

Grant-in-Aid for Visiting Scientists

Small grants may be available to defray in-house costs (accommodation, boat rental, tank fills, lab rental). For more information, please refer to the Grant-in-Aid Application Information form.


1 Bedroom: $220/night
2 Bedroom: $285/night

Rooms "en suite" (private access shower, basin, lavatory)
Single: $140/night
Double: $190/night
Triple: $235/night

Rooms, shared (bath down the hall)
Single: $92/night
Double: $131/night
Triple: $172/night

10% discount for 30 consecutive nights or longer.


Daily rate: $66/person/day

Breakfast/lunch/dinner: $22/meal/person/day

Lab/Office Rental

Office/lab space: $100-$500/day

Security card for access to Reiss-Conklin and Naess Buildings: $20/card (deposit)

When planning your visit, contact BIOS Lab Operations to discuss office and lab requirements, availability, and rental costs


Visiting Scientist/Non-Resident User Fee

Not staying at BIOS; not renting BIOS lab/office: $100/person/day


Refrigerated/Freezer Storage: (1 month minimum): $60/cubic foot/month
All items are to be labeled and registered with Lab Operations. Unlabeled items in shared use refrigerators/freezers will be discarded.

Dry Storage up to 4' x 4' x 4' (64 ft3): $100 first month, $75 each additional month
Contact: BIOS Marine Team
Dry storage space is limited and may not be available. Please enquire in advance regarding storage, particularly for larger items or special requirements.


Henry M. Stommel (Fuel included in price)
Hourly: $302
Half-Day Rate: $715
Daily Rate: $1430

Rumline (Fuel included in price)
Hourly: $302
Half-Day Rate: $715
Daily Rate: $1430

Twin-Vee (Plus fuel usage @ $2.35/litre*)
Hourly: $164
Half-Day Rate: $469
Daily Rate: $898

Sea Dance (Plus fuel usage @ $2.35/litre*)
Hourly: $143
Half-Day Rate: $429
Daily Rate: $735

*Note that the fuel usage per litre charge will vary depending on the price of fuel to BIOS
Add 23% to hourly rates for overtime hourly rates. Overtime rates apply before 8am and after 5 pm weekdays and all day weekends and public holidays. Cancellations for boats must be made at least 48 hours (Monday through Friday) in advance or there will be a minimum charge of 1 hour rental.


Pick up and delivery*: $119/hour

Freight pick up: $85

*Properly licensed maintenance employee as driver

Cancellations for trucks must be made at least 48 hours in advance or there will be a minimum charge of 1 hour rental.


Dive Master assistance
Hourly rate: $103/hour
Half-day Rate: $309/half-day (8am-12noon or 1pm-5pm)

SCUBA tanks*: $19/fill

*Only tanks, weights and belts are available
BIOS belongs to the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS). AAUS accreditation and/or proof of certification is required for diving.

Technical and Administrative Services

Administrative Assistance: $95/hour

Scientific Support (Lab Technician): $95/hour

IT or Ship Technician Support: $58/half hour

Microscope Facility
For more information and user fees contact

BIOS Science Safety

Chemicals and Chemical Waste

BIOS has limited quantities of chemicals and lab supplies

  • Please communicate your requirements 2 months in advance of arrival.
  • Use of chemicals must be coordinated with the Lab Operations Manager.

Visitors to BIOS are responsible for the proper disposal of their toxic chemicals and waste

  • Waste must be safely contained, packaged and labeled.
  • Waste details must be registered at the BIOS website for HAZMAT Disposal Requests; for further details please consult with your BIOS contact.


Radioactive Materials

Written permission must be obtained from the BIOS Safety Officer before bringing radioactive material into Bermuda. Please see the Visiting Scientist Application Form for details


Departure Clean Up
Contact Lab Operations Manager

Visitors are responsible for proper disposal of all HazMat, gas cylinders, equipment or other chemicals/materials prior to leaving the BIOS premises.

  • Disposal fees of $250 plus costs will be applied for improper cleanup.
  • Equipment left at BIOS, without advance storage arrangements, will be disposed of at Visitor’s expense.

Collection, Export, and Experimental Policies (CEEP) 
Contact Leocadio Blanco-Bercial at

BIOS is committed to preserving Bermuda’s natural environment. In consultation with the Bermuda Government, BIOS has established protocols for collection, export and experimental manipulation of materials (plants, animals, geological).

All materials collected must first be approved by the BIOS CEEP Committee and then Bermuda Government. The same is also true for export. For information, please go to Visiting Scientist Forms under “Collecting and/or Exporting Samples”

Shipping and Purchasing

Shipping to BIOS/Bermuda, Customs Clearance and Outbound Shipping 

Contact: Fast Forward Freight Ltd.
2 Jubilee Road,
Devonshire, DV06 Bermuda
441- 292-9509
Email: Tim Southern,

When shipping to BIOS, consign all materials to:
Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, Inc.
17 Biological Station
St. Georges, GE 01 BERMUDA

Do not place your name at the top of the address as Bermuda Government wharfage fees may be assessed and shipping significantly delayed.

Please have your freight delivered to Bermuda at least two week prior to your arrival to allow for any delays in customs clearance.

Prior to arrival please send an itemized list AND commercial invoice of all equipment and supplies with values. Bermuda Customs will not release any goods without this invoice.

Handling, customs clearance and delivery fees are the shipper’s responsibility paid directly to Fast Forward Freight Ltd. via bank transfer. Any shipment-related charges that land on BIOS accounts will be billed back to the visiting scientist plus a % admin fee based on the total charges.

Purchases made via BIOS
Contact: Lab Operations Manager

Visitors who wish to order supplies through BIOS can do so by contacting Bruce Williams. Orders must be accompanied by a valid VISA/MasterCard, or the Visitor Institution’s purchase order, and are subject to a 20% service fee (maximum $250). Credit card payment is available at a 3.5% or 4% surcharge depending on whether it is a VISA or Mastercard.

Reservations, Payment, & Travel Information


A 2-night stay deposit is required to guarantee booking. Reservations are confirmed after receipt of booking deposit. Please make reservations well in advance as BIOS cannot guarantee availability of facilities on short notice.


At least 1 business day before departure from BIOS, contact the BIOS Housing and Reservations Manager to settle your bill. Payment must be made in U.S. or BDA cash, personal check (drawn on a U.S. or Bermuda bank), or MasterCard/VISA. Prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars. The Bermuda dollar exchange rate is currently 1 to 1 USD. Credit card payment is available at a 3.5% or 4% surcharge depending on whether it is a VISA or Mastercard.

Cancellation Charges

Room cancellations must be received at least 1 month in advance to avoid forfeiture of deposit. Boat or truck cancellations must be made at least 48 hours (Monday through Friday) in advance or there will be a minimum charge of 1 hour rental.

Passport/Visa Requirements

Passports are required for persons entering Bermuda. See the Bermuda Department of Immigration for visa controlled countries and for instructions on applying for entry visas. In advance of arrival on the island, Bermuda Immigration must approve all business stays & visits longer than 90 days. Additionally, flights to/from Bermuda through the U.S., Canada or U.K. must follow the regulations of those countries. Please verify information prior to traveling as immigration/travel rules are subject to change.


BIOS insurance does not cover visitors, non-BIOS personnel or personal equipment. You must provide your own insurance for health, accident, theft, equipment damage, liability, etc. All visitors are required to sign a BIOS activity liability waiver.

On Arrival

  1. Please register with the BIOS Housing and Reservations Manager at Reception in Hanson Hall. Visitors will be given their keys and will receive an orientation and a tour of the facilities, as required.
  2. If arriving outside of office hours, please collect your welcome envelope from the arrivals box at the Reception counter.
  3. Confirm all bookings (lab, boat and truck) with the BIOS Housing and Reservations Manager. See Cancellation Charges, if applicable
  4. Laboratory buildings are secured & accessible only to authorized personnel. If you have arranged a lab rental, you will receive a security card for lab access. A $20 refundable deposit is required for each security card.

More Information


All visitors are encouraged to bring their laptops to take advantage of our wireless internet which is available in reception, the library, Hanson Hall, Wright Hall, Visitor Housing, classrooms, conference rooms and other convenient locations.

Reception and Reservation Office Hours

9:00am to 5pm Atlantic Standard Time, Monday to Friday (except Bermuda holidays)

Address & Contact Details

Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
17 Biological Station
St. Georges GE 01

Telephone: 441-297-1880