Lecture Halls

BIOS offers four lecture halls to suit a variety of instructional needs and class sizes, including:

  • Hanson Hall: an auditorium-sized lecture hall that seats up to 200 people. This room includes full A/V equipment, a lecture podium with microphone, overhead projector and screen, and adjustable lighting.  In addition, the use of poster display boards can be arranged through BIOS Facilities.
  • Sunderman Room: a smaller lecture hall, located adjacent to the library, that can seat 30 people at tables or 50 people in a lecture-style arrangement. This recently-renovated room offers a smart board projector, wi-fi access, teleconferencing capabilities, and energy-efficient lighting, along with nearby facilities that can be used for coffee/snacks during meeting breaks.
  • Riker Room: also located off the library, this classroom seats 15-17 people at tables and is ideal for a more hands-on approach to teaching and learning. Like the Sunderman Room, this room features a smart board projector, wi-fi access, and teleconferencing capabilities with easy access to the library and nearby refreshment facilities.
  • MAGIC Room: designed for data analysis and scientific collaboration, the MAGIC Room features a multi-screen video wall at the front of the room and an 84-inch high definition touchscreen on an adjacent wall. Tables can be configured into rows or a large u-shape to facilitate dialogue among students and scientists.

Facility Contact

Jane Burrows
Accommodation and Catering Manager
Tel: 441-297-1880 x102


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