Wreck of US WWII B-24 bomber discovered 74 years after it plunged into the sea off Bermuda

Source: FoxNews

The wreck of a World War II U.S. B-24 bomber that plunged into the sea off Bermuda in February 1945 has been discovered by a team of researchers from the University of Delaware.

The Royal Gazette reports that the heavily-loaded bomber crashed into Castle Harbour on the northeastern end of Bermuda’s main island shortly after take-off. Four of the bomber’s nine-strong crew were rescued from the sea, according to the Royal Gazette, which notes that two bodies were also recovered. The remains of the other three crewmembers have never been found.

The team of students from the University’s of Delaware’s College of Earth, Ocean and Environment, used reports from the night of the crash and information on weather conditions at the time to narrow down the search area. An underwater drone was then deployed to locate the wreckage.