Water Temperature and Wetsuits

The water temperature changes quite a bit during the year at BIOS and can change rather drastically during a single semester. Water temperatures are approximately:

  • January: 65°F/18°C
  • May: 70°F/21°C
  • August: 84°F/29°C
  • October: 77°F/25°C
  • December: 68°F/20°C

We do not have wetsuits available on station for loan and they are rather expensive to buy/rent here in Bermuda so please bring what you need. Here are some guidelines to help you purchase (or borrow/rent) a wetsuit suitable for diving or snorkeling in Bermuda (Note: the 3, 5 and 7mm numbers refer to thickness of the wetsuit material):

  • January to March: at least a 5mm, up to a 7mm (if you get cold easily); should also consider a hood/hooded vest
  • April to June: 5mm with a hooded vest for the colder side of the season
  • July to September: 3mm or shortie type suit
  • October to December: 5mm with a hooded vest for the colder side of the season

Remember that approximately 70% of body heat is lost through your head. Use of a hooded vest, a hood, or a beanie are great ways to add warmth at a relatively low price. Hooded vests are more suited to winter months, hoods for spring/fall months, and a beanie for summer.

People’s idea of cold is highly subjective. There is a saying in Bermuda; Bermudians swim from May to September, Americans swim from April to October, and the English swim year round. Please try to adjust your wetsuit purchases accordingly.