Environmental Quality Program

Maintaining a healthy island requires that scientists routinely monitor the quality of the environment and its resources. Data from these programs are used to establish baselines and study trends in certain environmental parameters, such as pollutant levels, and to inform government representatives in their decision making processes. Environmental monitoring programs, like those in Bermuda, are also used to reduce the exposure of residents to potentially harmful substances, provide information for natural resource management (including fisheries), and assist in a variety of public health and planning initiatives.

The Environmental Quality Program at BIOS serves Bermuda by providing a comprehensive view of the island's natural environment.

Environment Bermuda

Funded by the Government of Bermuda to provide environmental research and monitoring capabilities on a variety of topics, including heavy metals in soil and drinking water, persistent organic pollutants, and pesticide residues in groundwater reserves.

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Project Contact

Dr. Andrew Peters
Director of University Programs & Associate Scientist
Tel: 441-297-1880 x240


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