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ASU Announces New School of Ocean Futures

“The State of Bermuda’s Waters: A Snapshot of Bermuda’s Exclusive Economic Zone from the Coastline to 200 nm” is a new report released by the Government of Bermuda. It highlights the status, uses, threats, and governance of the island’s marine environments and underwater cultural heritage, such as shipwrecks, in Bermuda’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ). BIOS scientists contributed scientific knowledge and data sets to the report, which will be used to help inform future marine planning processes.

BIOS Faculty Contribute to Government Report on the State of Bermuda’s Marine Waters


Keeping a Close Eye on the Ocean—from Afar

Eric Hochberg

The Magic of the Marianas and Micronesia


Bermuda Reefs Healthier Than Those to the South of the Island


BIOS Scientists Present at Australian Event

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