University Programs Frequently Asked Questions

Can I volunteer at BIOS?
BIOS is unable to host non-Bermudian volunteers due to Bermuda Immigration regulations.

Who can apply for a BIOS internship?
Sponsored internships at BIOS are restricted to students from particular institutions or geographic locations. Details of available BIOS internships and eligibility requirements can be found here.

Who can apply for the BIOS REU Program?
NSF eligibility rules state that REU participants must be United States Citizens or U.S. Permanent Residents and enrolled in a program of undergraduate study immediately before and after the program dates.

What types of transcripts are acceptable?
Recent official or unofficial transcripts are both acceptable, including photocopies of originals and web downloads. Your full name and the institutional logo must be clearly visible and password protections disabled.

Do I need a work permit to intern at BIOS?
All overseas interns require a short-term work permit. BIOS must apply to Bermuda Immigration for this at least 6-8 weeks in advance of planned arrival in Bermuda.

Do I need a work permit to study at BIOS?
Students attending group courses at BIOS do not require a short-term work permit.

Do I need a passport and a return ticket to enter Bermuda?
Visitors must possess a passport that is valid for a minimum of 45 days beyond the date of departure from Bermuda or expiry of work permit (as applicable) and a valid return ticket.

Do I need a visa or proof of residence to enter Bermuda?
Please review the immigration information provided here.

Do I need medical and travel insurance?
Medical insurance covering the entire duration of your stay at BIOS is mandatory for all students and interns, and is the sole responsibility of the student. A medical insurance waiver must be signed prior to commencing a BIOS course or internship. Travel insurance is highly recommended but not mandatory.

Can I earn academic credit for studying at BIOS?
BIOS is not a degree-granting institute, and as such we do not offer academic credit. Students are encouraged to arrange for independent study credit through their home institution. Students attending courses at BIOS will be provided with graded transcripts.

Can I take online classes while at BIOS?
Internships and courses at BIOS are intensive and require a commitment of at least 40-hours per week from participants. Evening and weekend project work, field trips, study time, plus the social elements of the experience at BIOS, leave little spare time for additional class loads.

How do I subscribe for program announcements?
Send an email request to to be added to the contact list - please include your country of study, student status (institute, degree program and year of study), and nationality to receive relevant information.

Program Contact

Dr. Andrew Peters
Director of Education for University Programs & Associate Scientist

Tel: 441-297-1880 x240

Audrey Pope
University Programs Internship Coordinator, Communications and Data Manager

Tel: 441-297-1880 x115