Our University Partners

In 2021, BIOS and Arizona State University (ASU) joined forces to expand ASU’s marine science research and education activities. Through this partnership, BIOS was integrated into the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory.

The Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory serves as the cornerstone of ASU’s commitment to sustainability, responsible innovation and shaping a thriving tomorrow for all of Earth’s inhabitants. The Global Futures Laboratory positions a new world headquarters for an international network of scientists, scholars and innovators in Arizona with centers and partnerships across the nation and around the world including this new partnership with BIOS. This positioning allows the Global Futures Laboratory to better understand our relationship with our world, anticipates and responds to urgent challenges, and use innovation to responsibly, ethically and purposefully shape our future.

In addition to our partnership with ASU, BIOS supports affiliations with colleges and universities abroad. Through these, we are able to create a network of educational opportunities that enhance the degree programs of students around the world. Our current affiliates include:

Program Contact

Dr. Andrew Peters
Director of Education for University Programs & Associate Scientist

Tel: 441-297-1880 x240


Audrey Pope
University Programs Internship Coordinator, Communications and Data Manager

Tel: 441-297-1880 x115


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