Mid-Atlantic Robotics IN Education (MARINE)

Mid-Atlantic Robotics IN Education (MARINE) closely aligns students and educators with the cutting-edge technology and scientific research at BIOS, and reflects BIOS’s commitment to expand the use of underwater vehicles within ongoing efforts to study and understand the complexity of ocean processes. MARINE is a design and engineering program that engages Bermudian students and teachers in the scientific concepts and practical applications of underwater robots.

MARINE is comprised of two components:

For public schools all lessons are aligned to the Cambridge International Curriculum to ensure that there is synergy with course content taught in the Bermuda public school system, and for private schools our offerings are adapted to ensure lessons are in alignment with individual school curricular standards.

Are you a teacher interested in the experiences that MARINE could offer your class? Please contact OceanAcademy@bios.asu.edu if you have a question or complete this form to book one of the following experiences:

  • Ocean Sounds | The Science of Sound (P5 & M3)
  • Force | The Science of Ocean Pressure (M2)
  • Circuits | Diagrams and Conductors (P4, P6, M1 & M3)
  • Engineering | Robotics (P4, P6, M1 & M3)

Please see descriptions of MARINE offerings here.

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