Excursions for Visiting Groups

BIOS works with visiting groups to tailor excursions to meet their students' needs, curriculum metrics, and learning goals. BIOS education staff, faculty, and interns are available to direct and supervise excursions, as well as provide lectures, field trips and lab sessions on a variety of timely and relevant topics. Below is a list of excursions that can be coordinated for groups visiting BIOS:

Snorkel Experience - $550 for a half day

This unique experience will bring students face-to-face with Bermuda’s coral reef ecosystems, beginning with a Bermuda fish and coral identification exercise. This is a 3-hour tour including boat rental, captain, deckhand and optional experienced guide for $228.

Nonsuch Island Excursion - $778 for a half day

Journey to Nonsuch Island, considered a “Living Museum”, the island is full of stories of exploration and ecological restoration. The island is home to many endemic and native flora and fauna, including the nesting grounds of the endangered Bermuda Petrel, the Cahow. This excursion includes boat transportation, captain, and experienced guide.

Coopers Island Restoration - $155 for a half/full day

Coopers Island Nature Reserve is the perfect place for students to learn about ecological restoration and get their hands dirty planting and taking care of Bermuda’s native flora. Students will participate in tree planting and a beach clean-up as a part of BIOS’s partnership with the Bermuda Marine Debris Taskforce. Guide required for forest restoration work at $228 for a half day.

Adventures in Plankton - $513 for a half/full day

Students will learn about the roles and importance of phytoplankton and zooplankton in marine ecosystems. They will participate in a plankton tow aboard R/V Stommel and learn the process of net deployment and retrieval. Collected samples are brought back to the laboratory for examination under microscopes, with various species identified using local ID manuals. This excursion includes a lecture, boat transportation, captain, and experienced guide for field and lab work.

Walsingham Nature Reserve - $383 for a half day

The Walsingham Nature Reserve houses 90% of Bermuda’s natural underground caves. This is a great way to see the oldest rock on the island and learn about cave formations whilst trekking through Bermuda’s only jungle. While in the nature reserve students can jump from small cliffs into a collapsed cave, explore the inside of a dry cave, and swim among the stalactites of a submerged cave.

Program Contact

Kaitlin Noyes
Director of Education and Community Engagement

Tel: 441-297-1880 x238


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