Taking the Plunge

The Spirit of Bermuda

Photos courtesy of Bermuda Sloop Foundation

In September, boys from Dellwood Middle School visited Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve to snorkel, identify fish, and tour the area on board the vessel Polaris and the Bermuda sloop Spirit of Bermuda. In 2015, more than 300 middle school students participated in the half-day marine science immersion program, a partnership with Bermuda Sloop Foundation and BIOS’s Ocean Academy. BIOS staff members and volunteers have participated as snorkeling and marine science educators for the past eight years.

“Through our collaboration with BIOS, we give students the experience both aboard the ship, and in the water; we provide the on-water experience, and BIOS provides the below-water experience,” said Claire Grenfell, an education officer with Bermuda Sloop Foundation. “Without BIOS, we simply wouldn’t have full access to this important learning opportunity.”

Students from Dellwood Middle School take part in a snorkeling trip with BIOS Ocean Academy