Support BIOS Research and Education in 2020

Harrington Sound Primary School

In December, during an annual field trip with BIOS staff, Harrington Sound Primary School students used donated funds to visit BIOS and conduct a plankton tow along the Bermuda coast to learn about microscopic marine animals and plants.

A donation to BIOS means empowering Bermuda’s students. For students from Harrington Sound Primary, that means an annual field trip on a BIOS research vessel for a plankton tow. For Clearwater Middle School students, it means learning from BIOS educators about marine debris, then personally participating in a beach clean up.

It means Somersfield Academy students learning about invasive lionfish on coral reefs. And helping Bermuda College students with their first research internships on the impacts of a changing climate on local coral reefs, an experience that could launch science careers.

Support goes beyond that. It means assisting young international scientists who travel to Bermuda to learn about its unique marine ecosystem, then apply this knowledge on a global scale.

For more than a century, BIOS researchers and collaborators have been leaders in global marine science research and marine education. Your gift helps to educate the next generation of oceanographers, advance innovation of tools and techniques for research, enhance the student experience through field trips, and enrich the campus community through the development of high-tech laboratories and a library.

How to donate?
Please visit the link here to make a secure online donation. Should you have questions about making a gift or about BIOS’s programs, please contact us at

Harrington Sound Primary School

Kaitlyn Noyes, the director of Ocean Academy at BIOS, relies on donations to help fund visiting schools to the Institute. For example, providing travel for the students and use of a boat during the field trip. “We don’t want a lack of funds to be a barrier to learning about marine science,” she said.