Dissecting the ‘Black Box’ of the Ocean’s Biological Carbon Pump

Mike Lomas

When: March 8, 6pm
Where: Bermudez Room, Brian O’Hara House, Hamilton
Who: Dr. Mike Lomas, Senior Scientist, BIOS-Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
Title: Dissecting the ‘Black Box’ of the Ocean’s Biological Varbon Pump

The global ocean absorbs roughly 25% of anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. A significant portion of this is driven by the conversion of CO2 into organic compounds (e.g., photosynthesis) by single cell plants in the ocean, a process called the biological carbon pump. Despite the global importance of this process, it remains a daunting task to accurately predict the future strength of the biological carbon pump based upon existing knowledge and ocean ecosystem models. Furthermore, the response of phytoplankton physiology to changing ocean chemistry—such as ocean acidification—and the importance of previously underappreciated mechanisms of the biological carbon pump are additional complicating factors. The goal of this seminar is to present new and developing research on the ocean’s biological carbon pump.

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