Clearwater STEM Class Students Building ROVs

Source: Bernews

Minister of Education Diallo Rabain recently visited the science, technology, engineering and mathematics [STEM] class at Clearwater Middle School.

The students are building several submersible vehicles to enter in the Mid-Atlantic Robotics in Education Remotely Operated Vehicle Challenge hosted by the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science [BIOS].

The annual Remotely Operated Vehicle [ROV] Challenge offers students the opportunity to design their own ROVs and then deploy their self-built ROVs in underwater missions alongside their peers.

The importance and excitement of STEM learning in the classroom was witnessed by the Education Minister.

Minister Rabain said, “Seeing our children working together and learning new skills are part of the reason we have pushed for STEM learning in all our schools.

“I am encouraged by the success of our students across the island. The true benefit of what our children are learning will be advantageous for them as they progress with their education.”

Students, Shyah Walker [12] and Ethan Chew [13] explained to Minister Rabain the process for building their ROV and how they adjusted their design in order to maximize distance, maintain buoyancy and ensure the vehicle responds to commands.

Clearwater teacher, McLaren Lowe explained that curriculum and class work aligns with classes in mathematics, science and business studies.

For this competition, students are required to provide budgets, business plan and the model their team [company] uses to function as a business. On the day of the competition the students are required to support their product through various presentations and interviews.

Mr. Lowe said, “My main goal as a teacher is to make my classes fun, thus making learning fun.”

Ayr Cannonier [13] who has participated in the Robotics Competition in previous years stated, “The class is really fun and it prepares you for jobs in the real world. Most of the time you don’t realize you’re learning while having fun.”