Dr. Mark Guishard


Formerly Chief Administrative Officer at the Bermuda Airport Authority and Director of the Bermuda Weather Service, Mark has returned to BIOS as Chief Operating Officer.

He is a Chartered Meteorologist, with 20 years of experience with atmospheric sciences. His research into Atlantic hurricanes and subtropical storms led him to obtain a PhD in Meteorology from Penn State University, following a Master’s degree from the University of East Anglia. Mark has experience as an operational forecaster with training from the UK Met Office and the U.S. National Hurricane Center. He has served on intergovernmental committees focusing on warning and mitigation of natural hazards, and has also worked as a reinsurance analyst and catastrophe risk modeler. He is a Regional Focal Point for Disaster Risk Reduction for the UN World Meteorological Organization.  

Mark, a Bermudian, has a long history with BIOS, having been a Bermuda Program intern in the mid-1990s and a previous adjunct faculty member. More recently, he was the Program Manager of the Risk Prediction Initiative (RPI) at BIOS from 2013 to 2020, with responsibilities for supervision of all RPI activities. Mark was also the Director of Corporate and Community Relations, overseeing local stakeholder engagements with BIOS. 

Mark's current research and education interests include variability of Atlantic hurricane risk, Bermuda's weather and climate, and disaster risk reduction.

Contact Info

Dr. Mark Guishard
Chief Operating Officer
441-297-1880 x107