Ms. Linda K. Glover


Alexandria, Virginia

Ms. Glover has headed GloverWorks Consulting since 2003, providing ocean and intelligence advice to clients including Smithsonian, Google, NASA, Conservation International, Center for Ocean Leadership, Navy, and Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence. She has published three books: Defying Ocean's End for Island Press in 2004; The National Geographic Encyclopedia of Space in 2005; and Ocean: An Illustrated Atlas for National Geographic in 2008.

Duke University educated in chemistry/marine geology, Ms. Glover worked for the U.S. Government for 38 years, including: classified research in antisubmarine warfare; published research in marine geology/paleoclimatology; Congressional testimony/reports for President and Congress on ocean policy; U.S. negotiator at G-7 Major Maritime Powers meetings; key author of 1999 Cabinet Report to the President on Ocean Policy. She was twice awarded the Navy's Superior Civilian Service Medal.

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Ms. Linda K. Glover